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Siebenwurst Werkzeugbau
GmbH Zwickau
Herschelstraße 4
08060 Zwickau
Postfach 20 09 37
08009 Zwickau
+ 49 (375) 81 43-0
+ 49 (375) 81 43-299

Our Business

Our Business

Our Philosophy

The following video is just available in German language.

Who we are

We are an owner-managed company in the automotive region of Zwickau. We plan, design and produce tools and dies for all kinds of sheet metal forming.
The company specializes in forming 3D-parts from steel, higher strength sheet metal as well as aluminum. Our expertise covers the entire process from method planning, draw simulation and design to tool manufacturing including tryout and acceptance at the customer’s production site.
How have we become one of the biggest and most well-known providers of the business?
Our work is based on consistent customer and service orientation as well as actively supported reliability in all business areas.
The customer is the central focus of all our activities. Highly dedicated and enthusiastic about what we do, we develop high quality solutions for our customers.
We see ourselves as groundbreaking in the development of processes and tool technologies.

Solution-orientated thinking and acting as well as many years’ experience and curiosity help us to accomplish our high objectives.
This philosophy is made possible by a company management style marked by its owners and based on qualitative as well as organic growth.

What we believe in

Integrity, a sense of responsibility and dedication are the basis for long-term success.
In our understanding this means respectful interaction on a personal level as well as mutual appreciation. This includes abiding by agreements and promises as well as active and constructive cooperation within the company.

Thus, we promote straight, honest communication and actions, which are vital for a successful development. Our customers know, just as our suppliers and business partners that they can rely on the statements we make and the jobs we do.

Our tradition of flexibility based on the origins of the company has also formed another attitude: openness and tolerance were indispensable in order to face ourselves again and again towards new challenges. Not only are these values very important at present, our future will be determined by them considering the progressive globalization of the economy.

Our Capabilities

Our capabilities are the result of combining of craftsmanship with industrialized processes and scientific methods. The quality of our products and services is mainly based on three factors:

We consider a highly motivated staff with many years’ experience to be the decisive factor in our company's future success. A lot of our employees have been qualified at our facilities from scratch and continuously in trainings-upgrade their skills.

Over the last few years, we have successfully made the transition from function-oriented to process-oriented organizational structures.

The tradition of flexibility and customer orientation constantly motivates us to search for new ideas in order to meet the demands of the market. On this basis, we have systematically developed a tailor-made range of services which spans our customers' entire value-added chain and encompasses all aspects of our core competencies.

Where we want to go

The quality of the future is as good as the quality of the objectives we set for ourselves. This is why we set our standards very high.